Personal Edition delayed but great quality

We are working hard on multiple projects now.

First of all, the Personal Edition first batch has not yet been shipped. We have run in to some problems. Which as bad for the delivery but actually great for the end product.

We have solved almost all problems now and expect to start shipping in May/June.

It will be exactly like the full editions but all the personally selected languages will be on the same page and not in separate booklets. The Personal Edition in its current form is close to our dream of perfection and its qualities will blow you away.

So, if you have ordered it and not yet received it, please don't worry, it is on its way, a bit later than expected but way better than thought of.

If you feel you have waited too long please contact us and we will immediately arrange a full refund.

We are really sorry for the delay, our apologies to all affected.

For those of you that have not yet ordered your own personal edition, you can still get your order in the first batch. They are being produced on a first ordered first produced basis.