Theatre Words Personal Edition

Please do not miss our Christmas gift to you below.

But first, we have been very busy with a very very exciting project.

Something that many in the community have requested for many years.

Something that we have been wanting to do for all these years.

Something that makes the Theatre Words project so much better.

Something that we can announce today.

Theatre Words Personal Edition
We are really happy to announce today:
Theatre Words Personal Edition.

A print on demand edition that contains exactly those langauges that you need.

Now you can get all those languages that you want in one book. You simply select the languages you want. We have created a system that will print your personal edition with the languages you want in one unique book. This means that we can include new languages as they will become edited. And all languages can be printed together with all languages.

This is possible as printing technology has evolved and we have found a printing method and printing partner that is up to our standards. The printing quality is very high. It is also possible thanks to the ordering and printing system we have developed.

It will be possible to start ordering your own personal edition already in the beginning of January!

If you want to be the first to know about when the personal edition can be ordered then please send an email to and we will notify you first of all.

Christmas gift

We want to celebrate the Christmas by giving you a 5 EURO gift.

The code below is

worth 5 EURO per ordered World Edition book

that you can use for purchase of the new Theatre Words: World Edition, second edition. Please enter the discount code:


when checking out, the discount will be displayed after it is entered and a payment option is clicked. This code is valid for orders made before November 30th, 2009, 23.59 CET.